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Sculpture of mother handing a baseball to her son.

    Bill McCown

Direct descendant of McCown's who settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia on the Borden Tract in 1739. The McCown family history includes one being a member of "The Order of George Washington". This membership is exclusive to one whose ancestors arrived in America prior to 1750 and who assisted in the Independence of the Colonies. James McCown in the first surveying party into Kentucky where they surveyed Frankfort and homesites on the Salt River and then to Boonesboro with Daniel Boone. Another McCown (William) served in the Commander-in-Chief-Guards who Protected George Washington. Great-Great Grandfather Joshua Wilson McCown was the first Judge in Hill County Texas. He settled by the Brazos river in McCown Valley which is now a State Park on Lake Whitney.


All bronzes I sculpt are cast in silicon bronze and  finished in the traditional manner using brown tones and in some cases a  polychrome finish. All pieces are thoroughly researched  and given careful attention to  detail. I either personally execute or supervise the phases of production from original model, molds, wax pattern producing and chasing, welding sections and windows, tooling detail, patinas, mounting on bases and applying protective coatings. The original molds are in my possession.
   My intent in designing this site is to make viewing the pieces as user friendly as possible. I have tried to get the best quality for detail and still have reasonable loading times.
   Thank you for your visit and please bookmark and share this site with your friends.<>< Bill


Dedication ceremony of a mother handing a baseball to her son. This was commissioned to memorialize the moment of an event from the past. The clothing and hair styles were from that time period. The bronzes are life size and are at Heerensperger field in Kelso, WA.

This photo was taken in the USAFA Library during the dedication ceremony of  two Falcons suspended by stainless steel cables  in two attitudes of flight.  I was commissioned to do these two as well as other pieces to be installed at the Academy.  Members of the Falcon Foundation were present at the ceremony as well as officials of the Academy.

Dedication ceremony of The Volcanoes of Lewis and Clark taking place  where members of the Lewis and Clark expedition hiked up the Long Beach area. Mayors and city managers of the cities involved were present in the audience.

Seven foot wingspan Falcon sculpture in USAFA Library.
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